It’s a no brainer. Buy or sell a home with Nobul and save a whole lotta cash.

Multiple agents compete for your business.
You kick back and enjoy the service and savings.

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How nobul works

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Create your nobul account and immediately begin browsing properties already on the market.

Create a postingCreate a postingCreate a posting

Describe the type of property you are looking to buy or sell — and then post! In no time, interested agents will begin to reach out with proposals.

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Review as many proposals as you want — before you commit to anything, you can meet agents in person.

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Confident with your choice? Make it official! Now you and your agent are ready to begin your real estate journey.

How nobul is different

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  • Every agent. Every brokerage
  • Multiple agents competing for your business
  • 100% open, transparent real estate marketplace
  • Free platform for consumers
  • Consumers get bonus incentive
  • Unbiased, user reviews on agents
  • No cost to consumers
  • No upfront cost to agents

Other Real Estate Platforms

  • Choose only from internal agents on their platform
  • Minimal choice and accountability
  • Online brokerage only
  • Some platforms require payment
  • All commissions go to agents and brokerages
  • Uncertainty of service you’re getting
  • Some platforms require payment
  • Some platforms require payment upfront

What people are saying about nobul

Home Buyer

"I’ve tried several ways to find a good real estate agent who would show more transparency when dealing with my real estate needs and I was pleasantly surprised when I gave Nobul a shot. I had no expectations but I ended up connecting with an agent through the platform who made things really easy. I’d definitely use it again in the future."

Home Seller

"The peace of mind knowing what the agent has to offer before interviewing them to list my house was invaluable."

Real Estate Agent

"I’ve been using the platform for a few months and I think it’s a very innovative concept that provides agents with the real possibility of getting new clients in a way that it doesn’t require much effort, and the fact there’s no cost until a transaction actually happens is also very appealing. I recommend it!"

Hundreds of licensed agents looking to help

Thousands of active buyers and sellers

200,000+ listings across North America